Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Handspun Scarf

Yesterday I showed a hat I made with my first hand-(SPINDLE)-spun yarn. Today I finished a coordinating scarf made from my first hand-(WHEEL)-spun yarn. I used up every last scrap of this particular handspun in the making of this scarf. The picture doesn't show the falls to my hips. I spun all the yarn from hand dyed Perendale Roving purchased from Sun Bench Fibres.

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Anonymous said...

the scarf looks great!.... did you take this picture with the camera in the MICROWAVE!?!?!? (being wovenflame's daughter, i know the layout of her house) :-)

Marlene said...

Um, well yes actually. When one is alone in the house and needs a quick picture one resorts to desperate measures. I assure you that the microwave was not on and no cameras were hurt in the making of this picture.

Very observant of you to notice though.

hockey mom said...

It is gorgeous! And it looks so soft. I keep thinking I need to learn to use the spindle, but then, I wake up.

What's one more thing?

Leisel said...

I assume you already know you look fantastic in hot pink.

How exciting about the scarf (and the hat from yesterday... Blogger wouldn't let me post a comment)... so nice to have something that you made, not just from yarn, but all the way from roving, it's yours, all yours.

Anonymous said...

Stunning picture. (I notice you changed the head shot on your blog.) Great hair cut too by the way. The scarf looks terrific, along with hat. You are very talented, and one day I hope to be as talented as you...but I have miles to go before that happens! I actually dreamt that I found a spinning wheel (it looked just as gorgeously stained as the one you rented) for $29.99 at a garage sale. Ha! Like that is going to happen.


Marlene said...

Suzanne, I love the color of that stain too and if I buy an unfinished wheel that is exactly the color I will finish it in.

Thanks for the compliment on the haircut too. The first week or so I hated it, but now that I have found the right styling product I love it.