Thursday, May 26, 2005

Refinished Chair

Two completed projects in one photo:

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I've finally completed the refinishing of the new (to me) spinning chair. I bought the solid oak chair for $14.99 Canadian at a second hand store. It was well worn and needed refinishing. I did all the work myself. After I had all the stripping and sanding done my husband offered to do the staining/lacquering for me, but I was having none of it! After putting all that work into getting the old finish OFF, I was going to plow right through and do the whole bit myself. (Pride in accomplishment and all that.) The chair turned out a little darker, but I got as close as I could to the color of the spinning wheel.

The yarn stacked on the chair is the completed spinning and plying of a huge bag of wool roving that was kindly given to me by Marilyn, a member of the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild. It spun up to a finished weight of 515 grams and has an average of 9 WPI, although my spinning improved as I went and the WPI ranges from 8 to 11.

Now to decide what to do with the finished yarn. I am considering making a vest from it, but don't know if there will be enough. I'll be able to judge a little better when I have knit a couple of gauge swatches and played with the design a bit.

Before I can work with the home spun I have the Cotton Sheep Pullover to complete. That project is going well. I have both sleeves and about 6" of the body (in the round) done. It'll be complete in a few days as we are traveling to Prince George and I get a lot of knitting done while my husband drives.


Maureen said...

Your refinishing work is lovely...That will make a ideal spinning chair. I am very jealous of that gorgeous niddy noddy and hat stands.That is one clever husband. :)

marti said...

very nice job on the chair. stripping and refinishing takes a lot of perseverance. you should be very proud of yourself!

Marlene said...

Thank you. It was a lot of hard work. I was very glad that I had only one chair to do and not an entire kitchen suite!

Rabbitch said...

My goodness -- she knits, she spins, she refinishes furniture!

You rock. Very good job on both the refinishing and the huge whack of spinning.

Rabbitch said...

I've tried like three times to leave you a comment. Blogger clearly hates me.

Your chair AND your spinning are wonderful. Congrats!

Rabbitch said...

Oh good, and now it's left both of my comments. Shall I just make five or six comments on each of your posts to make myself look like a complete ass?

Sure, let's do that.

Marlene said...

I've had the same thing happen at your blog too Rabbitch. In fact, I often give up and you don't get a comment at all.....or a much shorter one than I originally wrote. I guess we do get our money's worth though hey? Blogger being free and all.