Saturday, May 21, 2005


Woodworking CAN be fiber related.

First there was the Niddy Noddy that I showed a few days ago, then these hat stands.

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I have a handmade felt hat that tends to get squashed when I leave it on a shelf. I went searching for a foam wig head, but all the goodwill type stores I checked use them to display their hats and won't part with them. In one of the stores I saw that someone had used old chair legs and a couple of disks of plywood to make a few make-shift hat stands and I figured I was capable of doing the same. The next store I went to had a good selection of turned wooden table chair legs and quite a number of cast off wooden bowls. I loaded up with 6 bowls and three legs for just $2.25 and went home to start refinishing them. Not knowing about chemical strippers it was a Big Job! Thank goodness my husband took pity on me and helped out. I think the bowls make great hat stands. Much better than the plywood disk ones that inspired the idea.

The next project came about because my new wheel came without an orfice hook, the local dealer did not have one in stock, and I was too impatient to wait. I took an old wooden handled fork, and a meat skewer and had it refinished and refashioned (again by hubbie) into a wonderful new orfice hook complete with an eye hook on the end to tie onto the wheel.

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When I came home with this.....

Image hosted by husband ran in the other direction. No amount of pouting and looking pathetic on my part is making him change his mind. (Damn, just when I thought I was on a roll!) Looks like I'm on my own with this one. It is destined to be my spinning chair, thereby freeing my kitchen chairs to do their kitchenly duty. THIS time though I am armed with chemical warfare, not just sandpaper.


dragon knitter said...

is your new love spinning or wood refinishing? seems to me you're doing alot of that, lol! i understand. my noddy came unfinished as well, and i stained it with shoe polish, of all things, and clear coated it. i had originally ordered my wheel unfinished, but they were out of stock on those, so i said, ok, gimme the finished, and i've been happy as a clam. it came in an unexpected color that i actually like. go figure. cool work, btw! don't thrift stores rock? i went button hunting today, and bought $25 worth of clothing that i got tons of buttons off of. i'm donating the clothes i cut the buttons off of to a charity that makes them into quilts for battered women's shelters, and homeless children. i don't quilt myself. (although grandma taught me). (sorry about the book, i'm tired, and chatty, lol)

Marlene said...

Refinishing is definately NOT my new hobby. I shudder to think how much work it would be to do a complete kitchen set with 4 - 6 chairs. Ugh. No, unless something truly fanTABulous finds its way to me, this will be my LAST refinishing job.