Friday, March 10, 2006

Beaded Hand Warmers

These were finished a week or more ago. They were meant to be a gift for a friend but I messed them up in the washing/blocking stage and so must knit her another set.

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The pattern is "Fine Filigree Fingerlings" by Jackie of Heartstrings Fiber Arts.

The beads are my own addition. They looked lovely and all was going well until I did the final washing and blocking. After washing the handwarmers were still very wet so, to speed the drying, I put them through the high speed spin cycle of my washing machine (with the water turned off). Normally this works just fine for my handknits and even for raw fleece that has been washed. I wasn't thinking about the beads though.

As my machine prepares to spin it tumbles a few times. It also tumbles a few turns at the end of the spin cycle. I guess this was just enough bashing about to knock some of the finish off the "antique gold" beads. The handwarmers still look okay, in fact quite nice I think, but I will not give something flawed away as a gift. So I'll keep this pair. I have enough of the handspun mohair/wool left to make another pair.....some day.

For now I am working on the Smoke Ring With Lace Edging, (another HeartStrings pattern) which I posted about earlier. Then it's on to the Diamond Fantasy Scarf for the knit-a-long.


kristo said...

ah ha!!! i knew you would find a reason to keep them!!! busted!!!
(mom came over and showed them to me a few weeks ago - she really liked them and i had a feeling she wanted them for herself!)

Maggie Ann said...

Wow, are they ever pretty!

Rabbitch said...

They're very nice!

Jenny said...

Those are gorgeous!! I'm thinking fair maiden attire! Now I must acquire that lovely pattern. Your idea to add beads is wonderful!

Melanie said...

If you hadn't told us that the beads were not what they once were, nobody would be the wiser. They look wonderful and perfect as is!

aija said...

I was just admiring those same handwarmers, nice to see a pic of them made up. I like the beads as they are now :)

I've also been thinking about joining the diamond fantasy shawl kal... my first lace shawl project, so I'm a bit intimidated & not sure if I'll jump in this time.