Monday, March 06, 2006


Here's the finished Lug-A-Mug done on the guild's group warp. I had originally intended to add a scattering of bead to the woven portion, but decided against it. They seemed to detract from the interesting texture of the weaving. The shiny beads seemed incompatible with the matte surface of the weaving.

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The bag is designed to safely carry a mug to meetings so that we cut down on the Styrofoam cups being dumped in landfills.

I altered the pattern by adding a piece of plastic canvas between the handwoven exterior and the broadcloth lining. I like the way it makes the sides stand up and be less sack-like. It should help protect the mug as well.

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Maggie Ann said...

It's amazing to me all that you do. You are like the 'Queen' of knitting to me. This is not only pretty but practical. How fun!