Friday, April 14, 2006

Rugs Galore

The Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild had a big open house last night for their "Rugs Galore" exhibit. 50 Lovely examples of work done by guild members are on display until May 19 at Chilliwack City Hall. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. If you are close enough come by to take a peek.

My own contribution this time is quite small. I've been a member of the guild for only one year and designing and making a rug can be a rather large and time consuming project. When I first heard, many months ago, about the coming exhibit I did not feel I had the skills or resources to participate. Now, only days after the start of the show, I am in the finishing stages of my "Stash Buster Rug". Ah well, I'll make a point of participating in the next gallery show in two years time.

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I'm standing here with my friend and spinning teacher, Louise. In the display case beside us are a few of the "non-rug" items the guild chose to display to show the diversity of talent amongst the members. In the back left corner is her gorgeous temari ball. My beaded lace hand warmers, made of handspun wool/mohair, are in the front right corner.


dragon knitter said...

is that the peacock shawl you're wearing in the picture? it's very nice!

Marlene said...

Yes Minnie, it is the peacock shawl. It got a lot of attention at the open house. If you haven't seen the original "debut" pictures they are located here:

Maggie Ann said...

How fabulous to see your skills on display right along with your spinning teacher. You bet I'm