Thursday, April 13, 2006

Update on Rug and Curtain

Just a quick update on my ongoing projects.

The Stash Buster Rug is now completely woven and it's off the loom. I need to speak to a few more experienced guild members about how to finish off the warp ends. I have the general idea but need more specific information.

The Beaded Lace Curtain is still growing slowly. With all the work I've been doing on the rug my attention to that project has been limited.

Of course those aren't my only projects. I also have a pair of socks, some wool combing, and I'm spinning commercial combed top for my husband's pullover. Those are the ones I'm actively working on. I also have an appliqued Christmas stocking half done but begging for further attention and two more waiting in the wings. Oh, and a Christmas wall hanging kit that hasn't yet been opened. And a loom that needs to be dressed. Three looms that need to be dressed if you count the two Inkle looms awaiting projects (one for me and one for a friend).

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