Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stash Buster Rug

Over the past few days I have been going in and spending most of my day in the guild's "loom room" working on a new project.

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Weaving the chenille.

This is the first step in what guild members are calling a "Twice Woven Rug". I prefer to call it a Stash Buster Rug because it really eats up the odds and sods languishing, long forgotten and often unloved, in a fiber artist's "stash" of yarn. Other than sorting a bit for general color or shade groups, pretty much any yarn can be used. I've got everything from ultra fine lace weight thread to chunky boucles in here. The fibers range from a few luxuries like alpaca, silk and cashmere (don't fret! These were just little sample skeins from Elann), through crochet cotton and wool (some of it handspun) to the ugliest of ACKrylics.

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First step completed and wound onto the cloth beam.

The next step will be to cut this weaving lengthwise into "chenille" strips that will be used in a second weaving. The end result is a thick, plush rug with very interesting color effects. You can see one in progress here.


Lizz said...

That rug is going to look very cool. I bet it will feel nice too.

kristo said...

oh neat!!! i think it's going to turn out really sweet!

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful the texture and colors.

vanessa said...

that is very cool!