Monday, October 02, 2006

First Skein

It's soft!

You may recall that I was a little concerned when the huge tsunami sized wave of wool I was given seemed to be spinning up rather coarse despite the "fluff" itself seeming nice and soft. Well lucky for me the coarse feeling in the singles goes away when it is plyed and washed. It's now quite lovely.

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The first 3 ply skein weighs in at a whopping 165 g, is 301 m in length, and measures about 15 WPI, which is somewhere between a sports and fingering weight yarn.

This fleece has a beautiful sheen and subtle variations in color. Combing it seems to make the most of the color variation with the resulting 3 ply becoming a lovely merle. I think it will make a gorgeous, light weight sweater. Something quite plain perhaps to showcase the pretty handspun wool? For a start anyway. 5 pounds will go a long way.


Nicole said...

What gorgeous colour! I love it... after all these years, it is finally realising its potential!

Maggie Ann said...

How beautiful, and perfect...I'm in awe. =)

dragon knitter said...

that is absolutely gorgeous. how about something with a cable running up one side? just a thought (i'm addicted to cables, not that you can tell it by my blog)

Lorraine said...

How loverly! What a gift!