Monday, October 30, 2006


Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

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For several years now my husband and I have not bothered to carve a pumpkin. We had a "flaming" electric pumpkin that skrieked "Happy Hallowe'en!" and we put that out each year, but with the "kids" all grown no one wanted to bother with the mess and fuss of carving a Jack-o-Lantern.

Now with a little grandchild on the way we have to get in practice for such things again. I picked up a pumpkin yesterday and gutted it while I cooked dinner. Funny how such things don't take nearly so long, nor seem quite as messy as I recall. Perhaps it's the absence of little "helpers"?

Shelby doesn't bother to help. She prefers to supervise.

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Michelle said...

Happy Halloween!

Love your 'practice' Jack O'Lantern. Great face. Shelby is such a good supervisor too.

We carved our pumpkin last night and while the mess was kept to a minimum, it did take foreeeeeeever! LOL

Nicole said...

Great carving! Hope you have lots of fun tonight!

kristo said...

AWESOME face on the pumpkin!!!

dragon knitter said...

of all my kids, the one who will most likely be a doctor (blood has absolutely no influence on him, and he actually discoursed intelligibly with the doctor on monday), hates pumpkin guts. takes him forever. so much so that liam offered to gut his pumpkin for him. he loves the carving part, though!