Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Go see!

I had a VERY exciting day! Via modern technology I got to "see" our first grandchild. Wow! Absolutely amazing! We saw "it" (won't be told the sex until the next doctor's appointment) so clearly. He/she hiccupped, swallowed and "yawned" and smacked his/her lips and we could see it all.

I am SO glad I had the opportunity to be present. Live and in person you see so much more than the printed out scans can show. Our daughter has the scan photo up on her blog. The baby is even decked out in his/her first Hallowe'en costume. Go see!


Maggie Ann said...

How exciting...the ultrasound picture is so clear. Isn't it just amazing what technology can do these days. But, they'll never catch up to what only God can do. The baby is beautiful....I'm glad for you & your daughter. I'm smiling from ear to ear...

Bookish Wendy said...

How fun for you all to experience this together!!