Friday, October 05, 2007

I Won, Twice!

A wonderful parcel arrived in the mail today. I should be scurrying around cleaning house but I just have to sit for a moment to share my joy with you. I entered a contest over on Carrie's blog, and I received the prize today.

Under the brown paper wrapper there was this lovely wrapped gift box. I was opening it as my son was going out the door and we had a brief conversation about what was inside. I told him I was delighted to be the winner of a blog contest and that I knew what was inside as the prize was announced on the blog.

Turns out I wasn't completely right. Oh yes, there WAS the 3 balls of Classic Elite Yarn in the Desert colorway, as promised, but there was more ---

That little packet on the top right? That WAS a package of Ferrero Rocher. Was. We'll just flip that little puppy over so that we can't see the calorie count, shall we? Good thing I actually had the camera out before I opened the box or we would have no photo of the yummies.

Then there was the yarn of course. As lovely as promised and full of potential. I have a project in mind but it will have to wait while I finish up the Honeybee Stole. Deadlines first I'm afraid.

Look what else Carrie included, all wrapped pretty with a bow ---

--- it's the fanciest dishcloth I've ever had. I love handknit dishcloths!

And if that wasn't enough to put a skip in my step and a smile on my face I also got word today that I won Rosemary's blog contest too. One of her beautiful shawl sticks is on it's way to me --- accompanied by one of her beautiful pins I just couldn't resist buying. ;-)

I'm not cheating.



Maggie Ann said...

Congratulations Marlene! What fun! The dishcloth is beautiful and so is the yarn. And, do you know, this is the first time I've ever heard of a shawl stick...though come to think of it...I've seen a couple of tv crafters that have had something pinning their shawls closed. How nice it is. Very feminine. Now on to the second win! =)

dragon knitter said...

sigh, i wish i'd known about the contest at rosemary's. i'd have entered! that is gorgeous, you lucky woman, you!

Sharon in Surrey said...

You Stinker! Congratulations!! I love your 'Desert' prize. Ya gotta stop winning them all & leave some for us, LOL. What the heck is a 'shawl stick'???

Marlene said...

Sharon, a shawl stick is similar to a hairstick or chopstick and you thread it through your shawl to keep it in place when it is being worn. I've linked to Rosemary's site in the post. There you can see various shawl sticks, and one picture of one being used.

I don't believe my good fortune is the cause of anyone else's lack so I'll just go on winning, confident that everyone is capable of attracting what they desire into their lives.

SYLVIE said...

Congratulations! What nice yarn and a really beautiful dishcloth.

And of course as you know if the candy is a gift it's calorie free :)

Carrie said...

Congratulations on your winning spree! I'm glad that you liked the little gifties, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what a shawl stick is =) My daughter just asked me what my next contest would be about. Hmmm...

Nicole said...

Wow, that's some great stuff! Congrats.