Monday, October 08, 2007

Through the Swarm

The second chart is done. I'm through the "swarm" section of the first half of the Honeybee Stole.

Here's a closer look at that (unblocked) section.


Maggie Ann said...

This is beautiful...and so the design represents little bees? I hadn't caught on to that..da! What do the different stitchs represent?

Ruinwen said...

I didn't get there were bees either...but now I see them! How lovely! :)

Marlene said...

Anne Hanson calls the first part knitted (which actually ends up being the middle of the stole) the "beehive section". The second section is "the swarm", and the third section (which I am only just starting now) the "bee and honeycomb". The narrow side borders and the lacey hems are not given a name.