Saturday, October 06, 2007

Winner's Confession

In light of my recent win of two different blog contests I have a confession. I'm Very Lucky. Sometimes my frequent good luck is actually embarrassing. I do seem to win a lot of door prizes, give-aways and such. I've been known to win twice at the same event, or twice in a row at monthly meetings. This phenomena has been going on for years. I often have people tell me I should be buying lottery tickets, but the funny thing is I have no faith in those. My wins always come in free-to-enter draws.

The biggest thing I have ever won (so far) was a contest sponsored by a Prince George radio station. It was an entire catered backyard barbecue for 20 people. All 20 people got a free t-shirt with the summer barbecue logo and all the booze they could guzzle and food they could eat. The food was prepared in my backyard by chefs from the Keg. They brought in big barbecues just for the occasion. I didn't get to keep those, nor the portable hot tub also brought in for the event, but I did get a lot. I got to keep a cedar picnic table, a set of barbecue tools, and numerous smaller prizes from local sponsors. It's been about 20 years but I still remember there was an Hawaiian themed gift basket with suntan lotions, sunglasses a Frisbee and a lei. The entry fee? Nothing. I just had to phone in at the right time (first win) and then at the end of the week be chosen from the daily winners (second win).

The oddest thing I have ever won was a "green pack" from the same radio station. It was a Saint Patrick's Day give away. Everything in the gift basket was green. I remember there was 7-UP, pea soup and spearmint gum among other, now forgotten items.

Other things I have won? A turkey given away at a butcher shop. Door prizes at spin-ins (more than once). A significant number of door prizes at Christmas parties, both work related and hobby related. A water bottle, CD, t-shirt, mug, tickets and such from radio stations. I'm sure there are other things that are just not coming to mind right now.

I don't feel guilty about all this winning. I'm an honest person. I don't lie and I don't cheat. I also don't believe that my good fortune causes anyone else's lack. I won't get into my beliefs in detail here, but I believe we each create our own reality --- that which we perceive to be "bad" and that which we perceive to be "good". Sometimes we can't see the blessing in our trials, but trust me, the blessings are there.

I feel the key to creating all that you desire in life is JOY. Not the kind of joy the comes purely from circumstances (like winning a lottery?), but the kind of joy that wells up inside despite outward circumstances. When I go to a place inside where trust and allowing dwell, JOY is always there waiting. It is from this peaceful place of Joy that I create my reality.


Carrie said...

I totally get where you're coming from, Marlene. I've actually started to get up before they've announced the winner at events, which makes me look like I cheated or had advanced knowledge. I just always win a lot. It even extends out from me. At the last business meeting, I bought a raffle ticket for my mother-in-law, and she won =) Good karma, ay? heehee.

Maggie Ann said...

I only ever won 1 thing...a hatbox filled with a glass bowl at a wedding shower. I was amazed for days afterward! You must have had tons of fun with all the happy winnings!
As for my source of is my Lord Jesus...he has never failed me at times when tragedy or trials come, whether they do or not, His presence is real in my inner being.Thank you Lord!
I've got my knitting on circulars today...and found out I can 'tink' my 'knot' stitchs after all....grin. One thing I don't like about circular's is that they sort of 'pull' against me like they are twisted.
Oh...I came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Did I miss it? What is your Canadian Thanksgiving date? Better run..its thundering and the rain is splatting against the window pane. I like

PJ said...

odd thing I won many years ago was movie tickets for putting a ball in the hole at a mall.... I don't even remember the movie...
You are so right about the true JOY that wells can't get or buy. Love your box of yarn and goodies! and the swing looks perfect!