Thursday, August 28, 2008

Road Knitting

I don't consider myself an avid sock knitter even though I almost always have a pair of socks in the works. While some knitters can't get enough of the sock knitting, I save my sock knitting for the otherwise mind bogglingly boring moments of life. I get a pair of socks going and then tuck the project away to be used as emergency knitting.

I take this type of mindless knitting on any car trip where I will be a passenger. I take it along when there is a chance that I will be stuck in a waiting room, or in a long boring meeting. I also use the ongoing sock project to keep my hands busy when I'm visiting.....more productive than fidgeting!


2.5 mm
: Marks & Kattens Clown
2 skeins = 379.9 yards (347.4m)
Colourway 1688

I cast on this pair of socks on World Wide Knit In Public Day and then barely touched them again until our road trip to Prince George. I finished the Peasant Heel of the second sock last night, the final step in finishing up the pair. As relieved as I was to have them finally completed......


....I immediately cast on for the next pair.


Maggie Ann said...

I wish I could say I consider knitting socks 'mindless knitting'. My only attempt is under the bed. I tried and tried...honest! Your socks are beautiful and once again, I appreciate how you share info and how-to. Thats so great. I combed wool most of the day and then started washing the shetland around 4pm. I'm exhausted!

Marlene said...

A peasant heel is quite easy Maggie, but for other types of heel I just get that part done at home when it's quiet. The round and round and round part makes for an easy project for times when I'm semi-distracted.

CTJen said...

I do love me some sock knitting! It's about as close to knitting instant gratification as you can get. :-) Love your socks!

Maggie Ann said...

If you say so!