Saturday, August 02, 2008

Combing Apron

I've been combing wool nearly every day, and every day my clothes have been covered with VM (vegetable matter....the grit, grass and occasional bug that falls out of the wool while its being combed). I've been using a lap cloth, but that only gets what falls into my lap. The remainder finds its way onto my shirt where it clings like burrs to a dog's hind end.

I found some inexpensive denim and a bit of "grunge gingham" for contrast, (the gingham that has a beige background instead of the traditional white), and set to work making myself a long, wide apron with a tall bib. Problem solved!

I actually had enough fabric to make TWO of these aprons, so rather than have it go to waste or have it sitting around for years waiting for another project, I went ahead and made the second apron. I wonder if anyone else could use a full coverage, heavy apron? Maybe a trade of some sort?

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Lynn said...

Not that I need an apron (which means the next thing I dye will end up all over me, of course!), but I think you deserve a trade for your valuable work in populating the world at the rate of 6 Tribbles an hour. So, send me an email at harperlynn at msn dot com, I'll send you my address (I'm in Massachusetts), and I'll comb* through the fiber stash to come up with something you might like - any preferences?

*I can't imagine why that word occurred to me.