Friday, September 19, 2008

It Takes Commitment

I recently joined a group on Ravelry that is committed to spinning for 10 minutes each day. This kind of thing really works for me. The dedication to doing a little at a time, but being faithful to at least that small amount, is what is getting me, albeit slowly, through the Master Knitter certification program. Turns out it works for the spinning too.

I've had a small basket of merino/silk top sitting with my spindle for months now. In only a few days I've spun this most recent cop's worth. When I add it to the ball I had already, the basket can be refilled with the next project, a similar colourway of the same merino/silk to be combined with this one as a 2 ply.

(I use the tiny needle felted ball use see there as a core when I hand wind balls of singles in preparation for plying).


PJ said...

Your so funny about your 'Party'...I know what you mean though, BUT...THANKFULLY everything went fine with your surgery! You have a right to be a bit ...out of it for a little while anyway ;)) Take care and take care of yourself! Cutie with the hat is just plain....CUTE!

Maggie Ann said...

Your singles look so perfect!Did you prepare that fiber or I wondor if you bought it. Curious me, just ignore me and rest up. I hope your husband is a great cook!(I am still a blank page at Ravelry..maybe later in the week I'll spend some time there.) So much to do and time just flys by.

Marlene said...

It's merino silk by "Fleece Artist" Maggie Ann. If you have a chance, try it some day. It's my favourite thing to spin. It just needs a bit of pre-drafting as it is quite compact in places.

I'm much better now PJ, back to my ol' self except for a bit of minor soreness.