Monday, September 15, 2008

Whine and Geez Party

In place of an actual Masters Monday post I'm inviting you to my little Whine and Geez Party.

I wasn't planning on mentioning this at all, preferring to focus my blog on my creative endeavours rather than my personal trials, but-----well this one is big enough that it's getting in the way of my usual creative pursuits. It's slowing me down, which in turn gives me less to blog about, which makes me feel like I need to explain to my regular readers. So here we go;

Welcome to my Little Whine and Geez Party.

(Your regularly scheduled Masters Monday reporting will resume as soon as possible).

On Thursday I had gallbladder surgery.
Recovery is slower than I anticipated.
I'm feeling crappier than I thought I would.

Yes, that's it.
Party's over.
I never could handle more than a little whine at one time.

If you want more entertainment than that, go HERE, and type in "gallstones".



Nancy said...

Ooh....ouch. Hopefully the family is taking excellent care of you. Happy fiber dreams and maybe bed rest can include reading for entertanment and mindless knitting.

Dave said...

Rest and heal. You'll be back to 98 percent before you know it. :-)

CTJen said...

hope you feel better very soon and that the transition to a gallbladderless life is smooth. ((HUGS))

Sharon in Surrey said...

You don't have to whine!! We all know the agony of Gall Bladder attacks, if not personally, then thru the suffering of friends. Hopefully, you had laproscopic surgery & will recover more quickly!! Take good care of yourself, I think you've earned some post-surgical knitting time!!

AlisonH said...

Surgery Thursday and this is Tuesday? You're allowed to not feel well, goodness! Heal well.

Gail from Surrey said...

Yuck!! On the other hand, recovering from surgery does suggest a bit of pampering would be in order! Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Nicole said...

Yikes! One of my co-workers JUST went through that. She was out for about 3 weeks... hopefully your recovery does not take that long. Feel better!

Romi said...

Feel better soon!

Maggie Ann said...

Warmest wishs for a speedy isn't fun thats for sure. Take it easy! Hope each day finds you feeling a little bit better than the day before.


I had that surgery few years ago, not pleasant, rest, relax, don't overdo anything, you'll be yourself in no time.