Friday, September 26, 2008

Lace and Dumplings

What difference does a name make? None really, we're still the same group of local knitters enjoying each others company, but the new group name will hopefully avoid some confusion that has cropped up.

We'll now be known as the Knitters' Circle to avoid the confusion that our former name, Upper Fraser Valley Knitters, caused when our area college/university changed its status and name to University of the Fraser Valley. We don't want the knitting community to think we are a group associated only with the university. University students are of course welcome, we include any knitter that would like to join us.

This week's meeting went very well, with 9 members in attendance. Very good numbers considering all the road closures in the area that make it more difficult than usual to reach the meeting room at the Thresherman's building on Luckakuck Way in Chilliwack.

After I presented a lace blocking demonstration that went over very well (lace blocking creates such a transformation that it can't help but impress), we moved on to Show and Tell and then discussed the group project, a small felted bag.

We're getting in on the Dumpling Bag craze and, with a little imagination and individual creativity, we will each be making our own little dumpling to tote our mugs to meetings. Or use as a purse. Or give as a gift. Or carry our small projects.

This is my first.

I confidently say "first" because, like eating potato chips, you can never stop at just one. Don't believe me? Just try one. I dare ya. The pattern by Sharon Dreifuss is on page 86 of the current issue (Fall 2008) of Interweave Knits.


Maggie Ann said...

Oh your Dumpling bag is gorgeous...and here I've been thinking of you lying about on the couch recouping! You're out giving demo's of which I heartily wish someone would make a video clip of...even a 60 second one. I wanna see what you are teaching! too. I'm knitting my edging on my shoulder shawl and love the 'doing' of it. It attaches to the 'live' stitches and is lying down like a dream.

AlisonH said...

Oh fun! I haven't made a felted bag yet, but I'm definitely tempted.