Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lamb Costumed Amigurumi

With Halloween coming up soon, I couldn't resist making a couple of costumed kid amigurumi.

The pattern is Lana the Lamb amigurumi doll, by Mia Zamora Johnson, aka "Owlishly".

The white one, Lana, is crocheted in acrylic and stuffed with acrylic yarn scraps.

The second one, Larry, made for a guild challenge, has a head crocheted of acrylic, but the grey wool and the brown "hooves" are my own handspun wool. He's also stuffed with clean, unspun wool.

Larry in a lamb costume.

The pattern calls for purchased animal eyes but I embroidered them on to keep the toys kid safe.

These were great fun to make. I can see why there is an amigurumi craze going on.


PJ said...

Oh my gosh CUTE!!!!!!! I'm working on a baby hedgehog to match my other one right now! they are fun to make!

Maggie Ann said...

You are amazing! These are soooo cute!