Monday, January 26, 2009

Button Jar Saves The Day

A well stocked button jar is a household treasure. Some of the oddest buttons, if held onto long enough, eventually find the perfect placement.

These little "flower power" type buttons came in a multicoloured package originally purchased to finish off a colourful knitted baby romper. These strange purple ones with lime green centres didn't go well with the yarn in that project, so they were added to the button jar that has been simmering away in my home since the day I was married. My button jar got it's initial start with a donation from my mother's jar, which in turn, no doubt had it's beginnings in her mother's jar.

The right button, isn't always there, but that jar is the best place to start looking. Late last night I hit pay dirt when I went digging for just the right buttons to finish off a spur of the moment project.

This is a modified version of the "Tea Mitten" by Elizabeth Kleven who blogs at "Knits Vehemently". The pattern is perfect just as it is, I only had to modify it to work with my handspun yarn which was thicker than the suggested DK weight.

I love this little tea cozy. It fits snugly yet allows you to lift the lid without removing the cozy. On my project page on Ravelry I've named it "Mrs. Potts' Sweater", after the Disney Character from Beauty and the Beast.


CTJen said...

Those buttons couldn't be any more perfect!

Nancy said...

I can see its prominence at the next tea party already!

Marlene said...

It was great luck wasn't it CTJen?

Well seeing as I'm not much of an entertainer Nancy the next "tea party" will likely be when my knitting group meets here. So yes, it will likely be shown off.

Ruinwen said...

What a perfect little cozy with the cutest buttons. Truly a gem. :)

Jen said...


Michelle said...

Cute! I have it in my Ravelry queue. Now I just hope I just as lucky in the button department. :)