Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatcha Doin'?

I've been rather neglectful of the blog lately. I've been busy knitting but haven't felt much like blogging about it.

The Master Knitter program is on a back burner while I do a few other things. I've really lost my drive with that. Mostly I'm just procrastinating I guess, avoiding the inevitable reports that I despise so much.

I'm working my way, toe-up, through a pair of nearly complete socks, but progress on that is slow because its my meeting project and I'm content to leave it as such for now.

I've also picked up the handspun cabled hoodie again. It's the one I stopped knitting because it looked like I would run out of yarn. I've decided to continue, perhaps adapting the pattern to have a collar instead.

I've had my drum carder out making up a big batch of a merino/mohair/viscose blend in a light denim blue. The spinning of that has begun. It will either be a laceweight 2 ply or a DK - sportweight 3 ply. I haven't decided yet.....leaning toward the 3 ply.

And new to the knitting basket, a "Firestarter" sock. I find the pattern instructions confusing (a complaint voiced by many), but so far, once I figured out what I should be doing, the knitting has been easy.

Sandnes Garn Sisu on 2.5 mm needles.

The photo looks odd because it is a side view of the foot. All the detail runs up the sides on this design.


Ruinwen said...

Cool sock! It will be interesting to see what you do with the hoodie. :)

Nancy said...

I've been missing your conversation. Hope you're staying's a challenge here though handknits help immensely.

CTJen said...

I've been avoiding the blog, too. And my Level 1. *sigh*

Your cabled sock is really pretty, though! :-)