Friday, January 30, 2009

Snakes 'n' Ladders

This is becoming much like the old game of "Snakes n Ladders" in that each time I think that I'm going to win I'm sent back to the beginning in one slithering slide!

Make a mistake or drop a stitch in this pattern and there is not much hope in saving it. When a heroic rescue is attempted the situation just goes from bad to worse! You're dealing with twisted knit stitches that occasionally change to purls (that aren't twisted) as they go under a cable and change direction. If a stitch is on the run it can get very confusing faster than you can curse.

Note the lack of a needle in this picture? That's because it is about to be ripped back all the way to that plain toe section. NEXT time I'm putting in a life line. I would just scrap the whole project if I didn't want this particular pair of socks so bad.

How fitting that Yarn Harlot's entry for today on the "Never Not Knitting", Page a Day calendar is about lifelines. Quote: "you'll probably never need it if you do it, and regret it very deeply if you don't".



CTJen said...

it's a really neat pattern--it'll be worth it. ;-)

Ruinwen said...

Wow that is a complicated knit! Sorry it is vexing you so.

Maggie Ann said...

I'm thinking wow!...what a beautiful design.