Saturday, August 15, 2009

Framed Dragonfly

I have a special fondness for dragonflies. When I am in a calm and peaceful mood I can gently reach out and pick them up. It's like they know I won't harm them. I even had one use my shin as a landing platform while it was hunting for tiny insects. It would dart off to catch one, then it would land again on my leg.

When my daughter found one laying dead on my lawn, perfectly preserved, she made sure she showed it to me.

I went out and bought a shadowbox frame and mounted it over a piece of my handwoven cloth. This was a scrap leftover when I made the huck-lace valance for my Loom Room.

As it dried the dragonfly lost a lot of it's original iridescent blue colour, but I still think it is lovely.


kristo said...

Every time I check your blog I chuckle to myself that nobody has left a comment about your dragonfly. Is everybody just weirded out that you have a framed bug? (I think it's neat)

Marlene said...

Some people are afraid of dragonflies, thinking (incorrectly!) that they bite. I suppose to them it would be like having a spider framed....just creepy. There is also an old wives tale that says if you lie a dragonfly (nicknamed a "darner") will come and sew your lips together while you sleep. So I guess they might be quite frightening to liars too.

To me though, dragonflies are beautiful and fascinating.