Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Huck-Lace Valance

It's done! I have a new, handwoven, huck-lace valance for the window in my wee Loom Room.

I wove it on my 4 shaft floor loom using the basic pattern from the "Huck-Lace Scarf" article by Madelyn Van Der Hoogt. Page 62 of the May/June 2009 issue of "Handwoven". I used Lin/Coton Superieur (80% linen, 20% cotton) purchased from Maurice Brassard Fils Inc. sett at 12 epi.

After the weaving was complete I wet finished the piece, hemmed the sides (warp is horizontal in the finished valance) and added a rod pocket of commercial fabric. The valance is approximately twice the width of the window for a nice gathered fullness.

It's a good thing the valance is quite full as it conceals a couple of mistakes I made in the treadling. If you look at the article in Handwoven you will see how difficult it is to see the developing pattern while it is still being woven on the loom. The lacy texture does not occur until the woven piece is wet finished. Only then do the mistakes appear obvious. This means that when my mind wandered a bit while I was weaving I was not entirely sure where I was in the pattern. If I knew for sure I had made an error I would have unwoven and fixed the problem, but I could never be sure.

Anyway, I'm very happy with the finished project. It's exactly the look I was hoping for.


lookinout said...

It looks great. Well done!

Nicole said...

Very pretty. Well done!

Marlene said...

Thanks Nicole and Gillian. I'm very happy with it.

Sue said...


Nancy said...

Love your valance!