Monday, August 10, 2009

My Daughters Won Too

Winning ribbons at the local exhibition was great, but I must say I'm even more proud of my daughters. Kristy won two firsts, two seconds, and a fourth. She won all this even though she is a relatively new knitter and spinner.

And my eldest daughter Lisa won a first in the special needs category for a hand knit dishcloth. I tell ya, she can churn these things out in the blink of an eye!


Dorothy said...

Congratulations to your daughters. Thanks for sharing the picture of Lisa- she is lovely! I have a special needs son - he is 32 now and while there have been challenges, he is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lisa. I love knitting dishcloths too, but mine are not even close to being a beautiful as the one you made:-) Congrats Auntie Marlene and Kristy on your wins as well.

Love Selina

Dave said...

The talent runs in the family -- congrats to all!

shortoldlady said...

HOO-RAY for those talented young women!
May they take pride in their achievements and keep reaching higher.

Nicole said...

Congrats to both Sarah and Lisa! Hope they have caught the bug as well... how much convincing did it take to get them to enter? :)

Marlene said...

It wasn't hard at all Nicole. I just had to make them aware of the fact that they had already made items that fit the available categories. They are both adults.