Monday, November 02, 2009

From the Same Batch

A week ago I showed you the fingerless mitts I made from handspun. I still had a lot of that particular batch of spinning left so I also made this:

It's a cowl based on the Spiral Cowl pattern by Keri McKiernan. I made some important changes but the basic idea is the same. I cast on more stitches (150) so that it would be a bit longer. The pattern seemed a bit snug on some of the Ravelry members, more like a turtleneck, and I wanted it long enough to fold over.

I used the eyelet pattern and picot edge from Suzie's Reading Mitts, a pattern by Janell Masters, and left the centre area plain so that all the design features would match the mitts.

I still have a bit of this handspun left over......another Panta perhaps?

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Restless Knitter said...

Very pretty. I think another panta in that would be gorgeous!