Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MhEaRpRpYy CbHiRrItShTdMaAyS!!

That title? It's Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday blended together, kind of like my gift!

That's one of the advantages to having a birthday that is really close to Christmas. Sometimes if you are willing to blend the two celebrations together you can convince a loved one to splurge on a single more-awesome-than-you-otherwise-would-get present.

This is my most recent knitting "tool", a comfy swivel/glider/recliner and matching ottoman in leather that matches our other living room furniture. My old cloth covered one was getting rather worn and tattered looking. I can't bear to part with it either, it has served me well and is still comfortable, but it now resides in the less public family room.


Restless Knitter said...

Happy Birthday :)

Marlene said...

Thanks Restless, but it isn't quite my birthday just yet. The chair arrived between the two dates, too late for Christmas and a bit too early for my birthday. My birthday isn't until Thursday...I'll be 50 on New Years Day.

I know many people dread that particular number coming up, but for some reason I am kinda-sorta excited about it. Justification for the greying hair and wrinkles perhaps?

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday too is close to Christmas (the big 60 for me this year!), but I always loved having it at that time of year. Sometimes I do get combined presents, but they're usually pretty good. I think you'll enjoy your next decade - grandchildren certainly add to the spice of life.

lookinout said...

I took an upholstery course at the local high school and redid a big upholstered pouf. It worked out really well, as we could leave our projects there from week to week. I was very pleased I'd done it. Maybe you could be lucky like that too.
Happy New Year

Nancy said...

Just an excellent present, one you'll love daily.

Happy early Birthday!

Marlene said...

Thanks Dorothy and Nancy.

I'll keep my eye open for a course like that Gillian. My sister-in-law took a course like that and did a wonderful job of reupholstering a few items. I actually considered doing my old glider, but there were some tricky shapes that I was afraid to tackle.