Friday, January 01, 2010

It's My Turn

I reached quite a milestone birthday today, it's the Big 5-0. My husband's family has quite a fun and unique way of marking the event. I think I'm the fourth person to get this mug passed on to them on their 50th birthday. It won't be staying with me long, as my brother-in-law's milestone birthday is coming up this March. Watch out Mike, it's coming your way!

My little granddaughter Kaylen had a "sleepover" last night, so I started my big day off right, waking up nose to nose with a smiling toddler.

She and Grandpa baked and decorated a lovely cake for my birthday. Can a day get any better than this?


Fran said...

Happy Birthday from a fellow 50-er.
Looks like you're having a fun day ! The cake looks yummy.

MoederKip said...

Happy birthday Marlene!
Hope you had a wonderful day xxx

Sharon in Surrey said...

Awwwwwwwww . . . .& I love the mug!!! That cake will be the best you ever had. Happy big 50 - don't feel so bad - I'm looking 60 in the face NEXT year!!

Anne said...

Hmmm, Maybe it will mysteriously break before it gets to me!!

Marlene said...

Not a chance Anne. It is responsibility of those of us in the "over 50" crowd to keep the mug in good shape so that it can be passed down (as quickly as possible) to the next victim, er, I mean recipient. If you somehow lose or break the mug while it is in Mike's possession he'll have to find an even uglier one to replace it before it's due to be passed on down the line.

hocage said...

Happy 50th! from someone else who reached the milestone in 2009. Well you look simple marvelous and spending time with toddlers will definitely keep you young.
Very best wishes!