Monday, January 04, 2010

Again, Only Smaller

On New Years Day, immediately after finishing my own socks, I cast on again. Same yarn, same sock pattern, same pattern changes, only this time much smaller.

These are little mini-me socks for my granddaughter, Kaylen.

I hope that now, while she is still under three years of age, she will think it's a wonderful thing to be "just like Grandma".


Dorothy said...

Cute! She will be delighted - and I think being just like grandma will probably last for at least a few more years!

dragon knitter said...

you'll be happy to know the grandma phase never really goes away. both my grandmas were always cool (one taught me to crochet, and the other to knit)

Marlene said...

Your Grandma's are lucky to have appreciative grandchildren Minnie. I'm hoping mine will enjoy fibre arts of all kinds. Kaylen is already showing an interest in knitting!