Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dolly Pyjamas

The doll clothes are a continuing theme around here, but some of the stuff I've been making won't be shown until my own two dolls arrive. My daughter's new little fellow was here the other day and was good enough to model one of my recent projects, to check for fit. He's a bit embarrassed being photographed wearing pink bloomer style pyjamas and pink slippers, but had them on long enough for me to know that they are a good YoSd size.

In NON-dolly news this is the beginnings of the Oslo Walk Shawl that I'm knitting in my own handspun. More on that when I get it finished and blocked.

1 comment:

Ruinwen said...

What cute PJ's! I would love a pair like that. I am in love with your shawl and the fact that you spun the yarn makes it even more special. :)