Friday, December 03, 2010

Off and On

When one pair of socks comes off the needles the next immediately goes on. I like to keep a pair of socks going at all times. Except maybe for the turning of the heel, plain socks are a rather mindless project that lends itself well to semi-distracted situations like car travel, watching TV, or chatting.

When I was at the Desert Mesa Spin-In in October I bought the Zwerger Garn Opal Memory yarn for these socks. LOVE the colours! They fit great and will be a welcome addition to my sock drawer.

When those came off the needles I immediately started on these ones (shown sideways here thanks to the interference of my camera's automated functions....grrrr). ONline Supersocke 100 Sierra Color

I really like the colours in this pair too, kind of a deep red-purple with black patterning, but the yarn is noticeably thinner.

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