Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Teeny, Tiny Slippers

These little slippers are only an inch and a half long! (3.8cm) I knit them for the 10" Fairyland LittleFee dolls I have on order.

They are modelled here by a Delilah Noir that has similarly sized feet.

You can download the free pattern in PDF format here:download now


Christine said...

Love the posts with the fab pictures of all your dolls. Now I need to know where you are getting them from because I think I need one too.

Marlene said...

Christine, email me directly (there is a link on my profile page) and I'll send you links to the sites where I purchased the dolls.

The ones I'm waiting for are Fairyland LittleFees (a "Leah" and an "Elf Ante"). The adult type doll is a Delilah Noir and the tiny one I "foster" for my daughter is a ResinSoul Yu. If you do an Internet search on any of those names you will come up with sites where they can be purchased.

Smilga said...

The slippers are beautiful, thank you very much for sharing the pattern! I will try to knit such slippers for my realpukis.

PJ said...

I absolutely LOVE those slippers! SO CUTE