Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crafting Space ReOrganization

Haven't heard too much from me lately? I've been busy with a rather large project. Though I worked on it for hours every day, it still took about a week to complete. What was I doing? Reorganizing my crafting rooms.

sewing room

Up until now I've been trying to sew in my former "weaving room". Having the sewing table in there meant that I had to fold my floor loom, cover it, and push it up against the wall.....which meant that I couldn't use it. It also meant that I had precious little space to sew in! I've moved the loom to what was my "stash room" so that the "sewing room" is JUST for sewing. I don't know why I never thought of it before, but with some reorganizing and decluttering there is far more space available in the "stash room" for the loom.

pattern files

So now this soft grey coloured room is my Sewing Room. I invite you to click on the pictures. It will take you through to my Flickr album where you can hover over the "notes" to see what all this stuff is!

books and magazines

You think this is a lot? I made two separate trips to give donations to a thrift store and went twice to the spinners and weavers guild to donate a few things there as well. Oh....and took a large table loom to my daughter's house too.

sewing area

This yellow room used to be the "stash room" and it was cluttered and crowded and full of stuff that I was storing but not really using. It's now my Weaving Room. Opposite the loom.....

floor loom and Ikea table what I've allowed to remain of my stash. It's the messiest looking area of the two rooms but I assure you, it is well pared down and it's now organized so that I know exactly where everything is.

yarn and fibre stash

Even the closets of both rooms have been cleaned out and reorganized. Gosh I feel so efficient! I should go create something.


Christine said...

Nice spaces! Lucky lady to have two separate areas for crafting.

Welcome to the world of miniature doll houses too. I have two houses I'm working on right for pukipukis and another for a realpuki if and when they are re-released.

Fran said...

Wow ! your rooms look amazing. You have been working hard.(I have that same spinning girl decoration thingy too !)

Marlene said...

I'd actually prefer to have it all in one large room Christine, but it's split between two very small bedrooms vacated by my now grown and married children. We rarely have overnight guests so it made more sense to put the space to work than to reserve them for "guest rooms".

Marlene said...

They feel amazing too Fran. Such a restful air about them now that I'm not tripping over "stuff" laying everywhere!

I won the spinning girl plaque in the silent auction at the fall Rider Lake Spin-In last year.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the history is behind the "Spinning Girl Plaque?" For as long as I have known Al, that same plaque,although a least three times larger,has hung on the kitchen wall in his Grandmothers house in Fraser Lake.Whenever we would visit I always admired it and thought that you would love it,so imagine my surprise when I saw it on the wall of your beautiful new sewing room!! Sandy

Marlene said...

Oh, that's interesting Sandy. Was his grandmother or some other relative ever a spinner? Any actual spinning wheels hidden away anywhere?

This particular rendition of the plaque is just plastic, though it has been finished to look like copper. Kind of funny little piece with the perspective and scale of the woman and her spinning wheel all off, but I love it anyway.

cailyn said...

you've inspired me! we have some of those wire cubby/shelves for clothes but i somehow never thought of them for my sewing supplies. i'll have to get some for organizing my half of the sewingroom/office.