Friday, May 27, 2011

Petunia's New Shoes

Petunia's pretty excited. I was out this afternoon looking in thrift stores for textured wallpaper (to mimic stucco on the outside of the dollhouse I'm making) and on a whim I rummaged through the bin of toys. I'm always keeping an eye out for inexpensive, secondhand Kelly dolls as their outfits and shoes fit the Pukipuki dolls. The outfits, if they are in good shape, are just a bonus, it's actually the tiny little shoes I'm after. They aren't all that easy to find. I think doll shoes are the first thing lost by children (or sucked up with the vacuum by Moms tired of finding them laying all over!).

Petunia's new shoes

Instead of vacuuming them up, Petunia begs you overworked Mommies to send them to her. She'll take very good care of them.


cailyn said...

have you tried looking at the dollar store for the kellie clones? i just scored a red pair and a purple pair today for $1 each. (there were about 20 dolls but for some odd reason most of them had red shoes no matter what color their clothes were.) the dolls will go in samaritan's purse shoeboxes with all their other clothes and accessories.

Marlene said...

Cailyn, I have found that the dollar store ones often don't fit. I have several pairs here myself, and yes, I have also found that they are usually red. The dollar store ones seem to be made of a harder plastic and the ones I bought are actually too small. I had to cut a slit down the back just to get them on.

I bought a few pairs of actual Kelly shoes from "Tabloach" last night.

cailyn said...

do you know if the dollar store ones fit realpukis? i don't have either doll yet so can't try them on.

Marlene said...

I don't think they would Cailyn. Fairyland's measurement chart actually shows that RealPuki's feet are slightly longer than Puki's.