Friday, May 27, 2011

New House Construction

As if all the fibre related hobbies were not enough, now I've taken up house construction and interior decorating as well ~~~~~~~~~ but on a miniature scale!


When my daughter asked, I gladly accepted a doll house kit she decided she didn't have time for. Now that I've opened the kit up and seen what is involved, I don't blame her! Scarey! This is definitely not a hobby for a busy mom with little recreational time.

base coat

I've been working on it for several evenings now and I've only cut out, sanded, and given a base coat to the pieces involved in the first step. There are many other steps to go as it is quite a detailed little house when it is done.

Hopefully it will look at least as good as this when I am done, though my paint, and wallpaper choices will be different, as will the set up.

Buttercup cottage

It will be for a RealPuki Soso that I'm waiting for. The little cottage will be her home and fibre arts workshop.

I'll keep updating the blog as the project progresses. Right now I'm in the process of trying to decide how I could add some stucco like texture to the outside of the home. My hunt through every thrift store in town did not come up with any textured wallpaper.


Paula said...

How about that textured "stone" paint they sell at hardware stores?

Trisha said...

Go to a hardware store and ask for stucco. Apply it with a putty knife. You could also use a thin coat of spackle.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

You are doing a Great Job! Don't get discouraged. You can also use lightweight spakle to create stone or stucco finishes. ~ Tracy (from Greenleaf Forum :) )