Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Window

We're in the process of replacing some (most? all?) of the windows in our house. When I say "we" I mean my husband. Any help I might be giving is limited to fetching, holding, and refraining from asking questions or making any annoying comments while he is actually scowling.

The first step took all day. It was the building of the extra sturdy, and hopefully movable, scaffolding.


With that in place he was able to get up close to the second story kitchen window and start cutting away at the stucco. No, he didn't use a craft knife, there was a cement blade on a grinder involved.

cutting out the gyprock

out with the old

When the old window was lifted out I was amazed at how large the hole seemed! If only there was room for a window that large. Unfortunately the window frame takes up a lot of space.


back in for the night

After getting the window out.....he put it back in for the night. Admittedly there were good reasons for that.

First, more stucco had to be cut away and that was a dusty procedure. Second, wasps were being attracted by the smell of dinner cooking. Third, it was almost time for company to arrive for a 30th birthday celebration. (Not mine.....I passed that milestone a couple of decades ago!).

Anyway, after an evening of visiting with "children" and grandchildren he was back at work today.

in with the new

The new window is securely installed, but needs trim work inside and out.

outside lookin' in

Any questions? Well...don't ask ME! Like I said, I was just the hold this, fetch that, keep quiet and outta the way, kinda gal.



Dorothy said...

Good plan!

Chriss said...

Anytime my husband does work like that around the house...I leave. It's been a good strategy so far.

Marlene said...

LOL, Chriss. I stick around in case I need to call an ambulance!

Nicole said...

What a lovely view you have! I had no idea!

Marlene said...

The view out my kitchen window is gorgeous Nicole. What you see in the pictures isn't even the best of it. It was hazy in the distance that day so you can't see the beautiful snow capped mountains. It's very flat in the valley we live in but we're surrounded by beautiful mountains.