Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Have a Nice Spa-cation

Ms Muffet and Mr Magoo are enjoying a moment together before the rush of packing for their vacation. Today's the day that they are scheduled to leave for a spa vacation at Ban's Boutique, where they will be receiving custom faceups.

Preparing for Their Trip

Peanut and Pumpkin are feeling a bit sad. They'll really miss their new little friends.


Actually, I think all the kids wish that they could go along!

Missing them Already

Ms Muffet says a final goodbye before storing her cute little body in the Fairyland box and nestling her faceplate in one of the protective pods I bought to keep them safe as they travel.

Ms Muffet's Pod

Mr Magoo is thrilled and can't wait to get going! He's heard that Ban's agreed to work some of her extra special magic on him.

Mr Magoo's Pod

Here they are, nestled into their little pod cases*, supported by clouds of fluffy merino wool. And they are off!

On Their Way

Hurry home you two, you'll be missed!

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