Sunday, August 07, 2011

Prototype Hooded Cardigan

The past couple of days I've been working on writing up a pattern for a Pukipuki sized, hooded, cardigan.

front, puki hooded cardigan prototype

This is just a prototype. I knit it in cobweb weight, Colourmart 2/28 cashmere with 1.5mm (US 000) needles. I will be sending it away in a swap package. The next one will be one Petunia can keep. I'll try it with the more commonly available Knitpicks laceweight.

side, Puki hooded cardigan prototype

back, Puki hooded cardigan prototype

The crease down the centre back of the hood is just from pressing it. I haven't yet washed and blocked it. I'm really happy with the way the decreases in the back of the hood turned out. I remembered another doll knitter complaining about the central decreases in a hooded sweater pattern she followed, so I took extra care to find a solution that was nice and smooth.


Chriss said...

Will you be publishing this pattern...pretty please? I have a puki ante coming and I would love to be able to just knit something without having to fiddle with designing it too!

Marlene said...

Yes Chriss, that's the plan, but it will be a while yet. I want to release it as one of a group of 4, well written, Puki sized patterns.

Chriss said...

Yipee! Can't wait :)