Thursday, September 01, 2011


Blogrolling (dot) com, you're despicable.
I hope no one ever does business with you.

It was recently brought to my attention that my blog had been hijacked by the above mentioned website. Trying to get to my blog by direct link, or by typing my website address into your browser would bring up my blog for a brief second only to redirect you a moment later to their site which had a little notice at the top that the domain name was for SALE. Nuh-uh!!

Thanks to a few suggestions on Blogger's help pages I was able to fix it, but not without losing all the customizations I've done to my blog over the past many years. Most of it is stuff I can live without or replace, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Things I remember having but have now lost include a "hit counter", links to various blogs, including my granddaughters', a Flickr badge that showed my latest photo uploads, a link to favourite sites like and so on.

I'm ticked! Why do people/companies have to be so rotten and despicable?!!

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