Saturday, September 03, 2011

They're Back!

Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet's faceplates have come back from Ban Sidhe's faceup spa and they are absolutely gorgeous. She did an amazingly detailed job on such a small scale!

 Here's a second "box opening" of sorts for the new and improved pair:


"Look everyone! There's a little parcel on the table. It came from New York."

What's in the box

"I wonder if it could be our finished faceplates? Oh I do hope so! It's rather embarrassing going out like this."

could it be our faces

"Okay, everyone sit out o' the way so tha' Wovenflame 'as room to open the package."

sit out of the way

"Oh, 'tis a charming dog!" (I do hope he was well behaved and didn't chew on our faceplates while he was travelling!)


"Petunia dear, he seems to have taken a real shine to you. Would you mind holding him out of the way while Wovenflame searches for our faces? I'm sure they're in there somewhere. Tha's a good girl."


"Ahhhh, now tha's better! Don't ye think so me dear? I feel like quite the 'ansome fella, and ye are the prettiest wee lass I've ever set me eyes on."

happy faces

"Oh now, look 'ere. There's a wee gift for ye, me beauty."

for me

'Tis a fae crown! Now aint that fittin'? A beautiful crown for me jewel of a lassie."

first jewelry

"Thank you so much Ban. It's exquiste! I think I have the perfect dress to go with it."

thanks Ban

Introducing Mr Magoo and his lovely sweetheart, Ms Muffet.

Magoo and Ms Muffet


Dorothy said...

They are adorable!

Sweetsknit said...

Oh, they are lovely. And I could listen to Mr. Magoo talk all day!

Marlene said...

Thanks Dorothy!

Well then sweetsknit, I better brush up on my elfish-irish keyboarding accent, hmmmm?