Friday, September 30, 2011

Little House Guests

Mr Magoo and Ms Muffet have been supervising not only Petunia, but also her four house guests.


The extra kids are in town for a modelling gig. The actual photo shoot for the soon to be released knitting pattern set for Pukipuki sized dolls will start tomorrow!

The boys are horse'n around

While they wait the boys, Huck and Elroy, have been a bit rambunctious.....

Maddie is missing Mommy

....and poor little Maddie has really been missing her Mommy.....

Elroy rocks the slouchy hat

They've been busy practising their poses and hamming it up for the camera.

Meanwhile, even with a houseful of guests, I caught Petunia still running around with a grubby faceup that is sloughing off! Boy oh boy, when I catch that girl......!

Petunia needs a face wipe

I'm thinking she's going to have to sit in "Time Out" while the other kids get to do the modelling, and then when I have a spare moment I'll have to completely wipe that look off her face! In fact, once she comes clean (a little Windsor and Newton brush cleaner should do the trick.) I think she'll hardly be recognizable as the Petunia we once knew and loved.

*sob* I'll miss her.

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