Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'm sure tomorrow will be a very busy day for me, and for any of my readers that celebrate Christmas, so I'm getting my holiday greetings in a few hours early.

Merry Christmas from my household to yours! May the new year find you healthy, happy, and at peace within.

Merry Christmas

I've only been in the ball jointed doll hobby for two years and I'm shocked at how rapidly my resin crew has grown! From left to right they are as follows:

Bobby (Realpuki Pupu), Shannon (Minifee Luka mod), Neelie (Pukifee Bonnie), Peanut (Littlefee Elf Ante), Hickory Dickory (Pet Ari Bobo), Morganna (Minifee Mirwen), Pumpkin (Littlefee Leah), Becky (Realpuki Popo), Panalaya (Minifee Juri '08), Serenity (Pukifee Cupid). 

I've about reached my limit I think!  
My "Wish List" for 2013 (a meme that is going around amongst the doll fans on Flickr) is quite short for that reason. It is as follows:

Not any serious doll wishes, mostly mods to the dolls I already have.
  • Pumpkin (my LTF Leah) needs a more colourful faceup with freckles and eyebrows that go more than half way.
  • I'd like to have my Leah sleeping faceplate modded to become a boy --- which means eyes and boy style wigs are also on my wish list.
  • High on my Wish List for 2013 is a light box to use for doll photography on our far too frequent dark, gloomy days!
  • And a final wish for the year (I think) might be a JID guy. Not positive on that as I already have more dolls than I feel comfortable clothing and feeding, but I love them all too much to get rid of any of them to make space for a male. 
So what's on your wish list for 2013?

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