Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Brutal Truth

Yesterday while crossing the US-Canada border I was slapped in the face with the brutal truth. I've aged a helluva lot in the past 2 or 3 years, so much so that the border guard was not easily convinced that I look at all like my passport photo or my driver's licence photo though both were taken within the past 2 and a half years.

For that matter I look even less like the avatar photo above that I have been using here on my blog, on Ravelry, and on Flickr.

So here is me now. Yeah, like I said, I've aged a LOT! Wondering what the heck happened?

Well, a number of things I think, the most unavoidable being a hereditary phenomena.

I remember that while I was growing up my mother always looked much younger than her actual age. Most people underestimated her age by at least seven years and often commented that she looked too young to have children of our ages. The same thing had always happened to me ---- until recently.

I remember one time going to visit my mother when I hadn't seen her for quite some time. I was shocked at how much she had aged in such a brief period of time! It seems we hide our age very well ---- to a point, and that point is our 50s, and then as though a magic anti-aging spell has come to an end, we rapidly catch up and show our true age!

Yeah, brutal!


icicle said...

Don't feel bad -- it's them, not you and it can happen at any age. I studied in Scotland for a semester and when I returned to the States (at the ripe "old" age of 20) none of the local bartenders believed my old driver's license photo was me. Sometimes they just need their eyes checked!

ResinMuse ... madaise said...

I'm a bit behind you, but I know your feeling.. Until this year, I didn't care so much about my age.. I mean, I passed 4-0 with a blink and nod.. but just a few years later, when people say "you don't look old enough to have a pregnant daughter", I know they're just being nice, lol. (she's had her 3rd baby, just a couple weeks ago - I'm happy to be Yaya, but I want to smack age back).

Beatrix said...

You know, this could be your haircut. I think the one you have now makes you look older.

But no matter what you can't change the fact we all grow old. Simply don't think about it too much and take care of yourself. :)

Marlene said...

Well yes, icicle, I was through the same border crossing only a few weeks ago and didn't have any issues at all. Same hairstyle and glasses I have now, and using the same passport. So maybe the border was a little quieter so they had more time to "fuss" over little details and hold people up? It was also a little later in the day this time, so darker out.

In an odd way it wasn't even so much about the age, Resinmuse, but the fact that I seemed to be unrecognizable as the same person. It felt like with the aging I had somehow lost the essence that is "ME". It felt like I had irretrievably lost the "inner teenager" that I still identify with.

Oh yes, I know, Beatrix. I'd love to have my old hairstyle back but with the glasses bangs seemed to add "busy-ness" to my face and the whole effect seemed to crowd my face? Also with the skin sensitivities I've developed I need to keep my hair away from my face or I develop a rash.


Sharon in Surrey said...

I really do believe it's the pulled back hair that really does it. Hair softens your look as you age - I notice it myself when I skin mine back to wash. I'm not happy with hair on my face either but I use the goop that gives me body & keeps it poufy cause I sure need it now that I'm over 60!!! Mind you, peering at all those teeny, tiny doll clothes could be putting wrinkles on your face!

dynnamae said...

I think you look lovely. No matter our age, our physical looks will change as we go along. Hopefully we can always remember that inner beauty is the more important one to have. Have a blessed Christmas season.

Kayjay said...

I hate the ageing process but I don't fancy the alternative ;-) Seriously, I'm 44 and looking 'ok' at the moment (being overweight helps the face I think). But I know from my older friends that the next decade will be brutal :( But as I said, ageing is proof of living and since losing a dear friend at the age of 27 to cancer, I would rather live to be a ripe old (wrinkly!!) age. My mum lost a lot of weight at my age through illness and aged dramatically, probably 20 years + and when she died at 65 she looked more 85. I really hope I take after my dad who at 71 still looks ok.