Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Neelie's Worried

Neelie's a bit worried.

Neelie's worried

The last time she wore an outfit like this she was told she was moving on to a new household. She loves it here and doesn't want to move again, especially now that she has made friends with Serenity.


Luckily when she told the Christmas Plushies about her concerns they were happy to reassure her.


I also told her in no uncertain terms that she is definitely staying! Only the outfit itself will be moving on.

Needless worry

It's a commission for a SecretDoll Person so I've added a little extra length to both the hat and the dress.

Merino/silk/cashmere hat

It seems that Neelie is still worried! Now she's starting to wonder if she'll ever get to keep one of these pretty grey and pink dresses for herself!


Beatrix said...

Such a lovely outfit! Your girl looks so cute in it, you definitely should make one set just for her.

Dustbunnie said...

Poor Neelie being so worried. She's such a sweet little thing. (Not like my PukiFees who're all VERY cheeky) I think she deserves a beautiful outfit like that for herself. I like the lengh of the dress b.t.w. It suits her.

Marlene said...

It's a beautiful snowy day today Beatrix, so I hope to find some time today to get started on a set just for her.

She is indeed very sweet Dustbunnie. I really love her. It's not a whole lot of extra length, just one repeat, which amounts to 4 additional rounds.