Friday, September 13, 2013

Becky and Bobby Want to Travel Too

Becky and Bobby have been sorely neglected around here lately. Turns out that as cute as Realpukies are they just are not a size that works well for me. Becky and Bobby have decided that they would like to go live somewhere where they will get more time and attention.

I'm asking $195 US plus shipping for Bobby. He is a Fairyland RealPuki Pupu with a darling custom faceup by Ban Sidhe of New York.

Lil' cutie

The faceup has a tiny shiny spot on the left cheek. It appears to be a spot where the sealant did not take properly. It seems quite stable though. The spot does not seem to be wearing further or flaking. 

damage to faceup

Becky is a Fairyland Realpuki Popo. She has a closed eyes faceplate (no open eyed faceplate) that has been expertly given a faceup that brings out her unique spritely character. Look at those little teeth!


I'm asking $200 US plus shipping for Becky. If you want her custom fit Tibetan mohair wig it is an additional $15.

Although I have 2 Realpukies for sale I only have one official Fairyland box. I adopted Becky as a separate faceplate and found a body for her later, so she has no box. I will let the one box I do have go with whichever purchaser requests it first. For the second sale, if I no longer have the box, I will take $15 off the price of the doll and ship securely in an alternate box.


So, what do you say? Would either of these cuties add a smile to your day?


Dustbunnie said...

Bobby is soooo cute but Real Pukis are too small for me too. Can't bear to sell my Sosos and Tyni though. I hope these guys find a great home.

Marlene said...

I hope so too Dustbunnie. They are such cuties they deserve a home where they will get more time and attention.

I've sold Panalaya, my Fairyland Juri'08 and Serenity, my Pukifee Cupid. Downsizing has really helped me feel more interested in the remaining dolls.

I know with the crocheting I've been doing lately it probably feels like I'll never get to your commission, but I have started and both corsets are looking good so far. You'll get your pick of the two.

Doll Guardian said...

Oh my gosh, Becky has freckles on her ears! Why didn't I know that?! Pea is looking at me sadly and wishing she had a teeny tiny friend, and Becky is so adorable and unique. I know the two would have so much fun together... must... resist!