Monday, September 16, 2013

Neelie Gets One Too

I had enough of the red size 30 crochet cotton to make Neelie a Christmas dress too.

Neelie's Christmas dress.

They are turning out so cute that I have ordered what I hope will be a good substitute for the hard to find size 30 crochet cotton. If it works I'll be able to make the little dresses in white with red, royal blue, or pink for now, maybe additional colours in the future.


Melissa said...

Someone on the DoA crochet threat mentioned that DMC Perle Cotton works up the same to size 30. Not sure if that's true or not (or if that's what you got), but could be worth a shot.

Marlene said...

Yes, I believe it is size 12 Perle Cotton that works up the same. It's expensive though and there is very little colour variety in the size around here. I've ordered some 2/16 mercerized weaving cotton. I think it will work up much the same, perhaps with a bit more drape --- which would be a good thing.

Dustbunnie said...

Awwww . . . . both dresses are so so cute.

Doll Guardian said...

Awww, it's so cute on her! Can't wait to see it in other colors, but I do love the Christmas version. It would be really pretty with a dusty rose color instead of red, but keep the white and the green ribbon. Not Christmasy, just adorable. And what if you crocheted a little old fashioned bonnet? Not a baby style, but like one from the 1950s (guessing on the time period here!).

Marlene said...

In the cottons I ordered there is a red, a light pink, and a royal blue. There is a fuchsia pink available but I haven't yet ordered it. I'll concentrate first on making a few in Christmas red, then offer a few in the blue and the pink. If they do well enough I may eventually order the fuchsia and a pretty teal. There was no dusty rose though.

I've done a flapper style hat that matches this dress before.