Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parting With a Few Friends

I've decided that I'm going to part with a few of my dolls. I think the hardest to say goodbye to is this first one. She was what those in the hobby call a "grail doll". That one wonderful, hard to find doll that you search forever for hoping that some day it will pop up in the Marketplace and will be affordable.

Juri '08

Juri '08 was that unattainable doll for me, always way more on the secondhand Marketplace than I could ever hope to pay. Then one day I ordered a body for a different, existing head that I had in my collection. The doll broker had a body in stock that, according to the packaging, was exactly what I had ordered so they sent it to me. When it arrived I found that it is a wonderful poser, standing solidly and with little effort to balance it, BUT they had mistakenly sent a WHITE skin doll, though I had ordered a normal skin doll.

WS Juri '08

Rather than have me send the doll back at their expense they chose to send me a free "event" doll head that would match the body. I gave a hesitant yes on condition that the head be my much coveted Juri '08 head. Turns out it was available and they were willing to ship it!

Beautiful Baldie

When the head arrived I sent it to Ban Sidhe for a faceup, also including the hands and feet in the shipment so that a manicure and pedicure could be done at the same time.

faceup and manicure

Ban does such a wonderful job! She also pierced the ears and made her some lovely earrings.

wonderful poser

If someone would like to give her a new home she will be up for sale on DoA in a few days. For $750 plus shipping. She comes with her box, the Fairyland manual, and her eyes.

Because her custom wig is such a beautiful match to the faceup colours, for an additional $25 I will send along her wig cap and the gorgeous, soft, hand dyed, Tibetan mohair wig which was made by "TinyBear/SleepingElf".

slight blue shadow

Disclosure: She has an ever so slight shadow of a blue stain on the pelvis piece. I think it was dye transfer from clothing. Anyway, it is so light that I cannot pick it up in a photograph.I cannot see any other flaws on this doll. She is not yellowed, though she may be a creamier white than she was brand new. I'm not sure as she is my only white skin doll and I have nothing to compare her to.

I've only decided to part with this beauty because she is white skin and doesn't really fit in with my other dolls.

If you are interested my email address is on my profile page.


Randomfish said...

Sorry to hear you are parting with her! She's so lovely though, that I'm sure she'll find a new home very fast! :)

Kayjay said...

She's going to make someone very happy indeed!

Doll Guardian said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out with her! She is a beautiful doll. If someone buys her and doesn't want the wig, any chance I could buy it? I've been drooling over it since you got it! However it would be for a Littlefee, could you pop the wig on a Littlefee noggin and tell me how it fits?

Good luck selling her, I'm sure someone will be thrilled to purchase her! She's gorgeous.

Marlene said...

Thanks Randomfish. She sold today on layaway and will be heading to her new home next month.

I hope so Kayjay. Sounds like the new owner is pretty happy about scoring a Juri '08.

She is truly gorgeous Doll Guardian. I just found that three Minifees were too many for me and I was feeling overwhelmed.

I'll ask the buyer if she is wanting the wig and if not I'll try it on a Littlefee and get a picture so you could decide if you want it. Like Panalaya, the wig is amazing, but doesn't really fit in around here. Shannon looks great in it but it's not "her" if you know what I mean.