Monday, May 25, 2015

A Shrug and a Shrug

When my warp tension went awry on that natural coloured weaving posted about earlier I cut off the first few feet and re-beamed the whole thing. It turned out to be well worth the effort.

On the advice of some of the forum members of a Saori weaving group on Ravelry I went out and purchased poster board and cut it into strips that were exactly the width of my warp beam. Then I rolled the warp forward all the way and re-beamed, this time placing the strips of poster board as I went. I did the "yank 'n' crank method of reintroducing an even tension and everything moved forward smoothly.

While I was in the 'redo' mode I also chose to pull the warp ends out of the Comb Reed but not the heddles. This way the warp ends stayed in order and I was able to then resley them through a regular reed with slightly wider spacing. It worked well and I continued to weave off another 3 table runners.

Natural light from the side. Perfect weaving lighting.

What happened to the wonky part from the beginning when the tension when awry? Well it certainly could not be used as a table runner. The edges were much tighter than the middle because of the warp spreading issues. It wouldn't lie flat, but as I looked at the piece I realized it was long enough to be a shrug, and for that use the tighter selvedges were actually an advantage!

Another creative idea that just wouldn't wait it's turn.

Soooo, ~*shrug*~ I'll go with the flow and "allow" this portion of the warp to be a lovely shrug instead. I'm knitting cuffs and most likely an edging along the top and bottom.

Yay for 'mistakes' that force us to think outside the box.


Gene Black said...

I have saved the cardboard from every pre-made warp I have woven, so I have lots of them. Although sometimes the widest is not wide enough. I may buy some poster board and make a few that are wider.

Marlene said...

Other than the pre-made warp that came with the loom I've had no others Gene. The combination of their price, the cost of shipping, the fact that I have a 'stash' to draw from, and my own desire to design my warps are all contributing factors, but the expense is the biggest. If I had a Saori study within an easy shopping distance I'd be a goner though.

Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

What a creative solution to use the fabric you have woven. :)