Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Better on Heddie

The hat looks better on Heddie, my mannequin hat model than it does on me, 

but as far as hats go it's one of the better styles for me.

I just don't look great in hats! 

 It's not the hat's fault. 


Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

I'm sorry you still aren't happy with it.; but it will protect you from the sun. I wear a huge floppy hat which looks ridiculous unless you are on safari so I get what you mean. Be thankful we aren't ladies of high society in the days of yore when large hats were a daily accessory. :)

Gene Black said...

I never feel that I look good in a hat either, but they are often a necessity for those of us who are fair skinned. And I have a large punkin head so that makes it all the worse. It is hard to find hats to buy.